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We assist you in creating something mind-blowingly accurate

We live in a time when Internet access is abundantly available. Technology and science are part of our everyday life. This naturally raises the general public's level of interest and awareness for new technologies and discoveries. Your viewers are more informed and therefore more demanding and critical than ever.

Incorrect science in any production intended for the public, such as printed advertisement, commercials, TV shows or movies, can lead to confusion and potential loss of the viewer's attention to the actual message or story line.

   Why hire us:

We offer professional knowledge and skills as scientists to the film industry to promote your own reputation for authentic and realistic productions.
Working closely with a scientific consultant makes a clear statement about your quality standards and expectations.

This reinforces your crew's confidence in your commitment, promotes professional relationships and results in an overall improved work environment.

We help screenwriters and producers reduce pre-production time by proactively participating in researching your science-related content.
A large portion of a scientist's time is spent researching already available information on a specific topic, reading through publications, gathering facts and distilling relevant content.

Media Scientific Consultants is offering our skills to help you research your topic of interest more efficient, leaving you time to do other important tasks on your to do list.

We reduce production cost through coaching sessions with actors and extras on science related scenes by promoting confidence and thereby improving performance.
Everyone knows that science is crucial to everyday life but for many people, it can be intimidating. By coaching your talent on terminology and getting them in touch with "real life" scientists you can help ease the situation, improve their confidence and performance, and help your talent do the best job possible.

We are located in Georgia the State with Film, Television and Digital Entertainment tax credits of up to 30%!
Your production already costs you a ton of money. In Georgia the Entertainment Industry Investment Act provides a whooping 20% base transferable tax credit to productions that spend >$500,000. For more information on Georgia's production incentives
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  What we do:

  • Participate in brainstorming sessions
  • Contribute ideas on the newest scientific advances and technologies
  • Research your ideas further, read through publications, gather facts, filter and summarize relevant content for you
  • Review your script to ensure the science is sound
  • Make suggestions for other plausible scenarios
  • Provide support for your talents with scientific terminology
  • Teach appropriate handling of equipment and behavior
  • Help you build the best, most realistic looking background scenery and props
  • Large network of experts in Biology, Chemistry, Epidemiology, Computational Science, Physics, Astronomy, Engineering, Mathematics and Technology
  • Customized service according to YOUR needs. Just contact us.


  • Doctorate in Biochemistry and Immunology with experience in Bioterrorism, Masters in Microbiology.
  • Large network of experts in Biology, Chemistry, Computational Science, Physics, Astronomy, Engineering, Mathematics, Technology, etc.
  • Multilingual: German (fluent), English (fluent), French.
  • Lots of experience working in cross-disciplinary collaborations.
  • Multicultural personality (grew up in Germany, moved to the US 12 years ago, have since collaborated with people from just about every cultural background)
  • Easily connect with people.
  • Acting classes with George Howard Adams at Actor's Gym(Film Athens).

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Media Scientific Consultants
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Media Scientific Consultants
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